Electric motor does not come into operation

So that the electric motor does not come into operation accidental manner during maintenance is indicated disconnect the spark plug cap

Not only the electric engine air filter cleaning service but all services aimed at electric motor maintenance must be performed by a professional who is an expert, as this will ensure a quality service and avoid accidents for any reason.

When the electric motor to operate in dusty areas, clean the electric engine air filter should be done more frequently.

Before any maintenance, the electric motor must be shut down for not offering risk to those who are performing maintenance. To ensure that the electric motor will not start operating accidental way, it is indicated that the pipe is disconnected from the candle.

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As has been said, the maintenance should only be done by a qualified professional, but if the owner have the right tools and expertise necessary for the execution of the service, he may perform.

Use an ohm meter to check the electric motor resistance

When the electric motor does not work, you will not discover the problem if the person staying just facing the electric motor. An electric motor that has been stored for a long time or can not work independently of their appearance.

The first tip to try to discover the electric motor mro supply 5vx850 of the problem is to use a simple ohm meter.

After checking the winding, it is time to use an ohm meter to check on the resistance. It is essential to check if the sockets are suitable, whether they are common or Ohms. After that, it’s time to find the grounding screw or any metal part of the housing and compress the test probes on the selected point and the other in each of the electric motor drivers, but it must be done one at a time. The meter should move to indicate where resistance is high.

Stepper motor is also an electric motor

The stepper motor is also an electric motor. This electric motor is used when it is necessary to place something with exact precision, or even rotate the object at an exact angle.

As described in its name, the step of electric motor moves in step and this means that its rotation is controlled at small angles. The electric motor shaft rotates scams that are controlled by an electronic circuit that the electric motor has and that is connected to its input.

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The electric motor has windings which are simple and which together with four coils are placed in the stator and form an angle of 90 degrees. In the electric motor of the composition, the rotor is a piece that works like a magnet.

The stepper motor has an open system because its axis suffers with precise movements, but an external feedback is required made by a coupled device.

Electric motor nameplate carries information on the electric motor performance

The identification plate that is placed on the electric motor is an important element because it will symbols and values ​​that determine the nominal characteristics of the power supply and also the electric motor performance.

This information should be placed in a clear and objective manner and in a manner that does not allow to misinterpretations.


The plate will the electric motor is made of sturdy manner to the operating environment of the electric motor and it should be placed on the electric motor at a point which is easily visible.

On board that goes on the electric motor must contain: the name of the electric motor manufacturer; the type of electric motor, the electric motor model; the serial number; its power and nominal voltage at which the motor can operate; number of phases; nominal chain; frequency of the supply network; rated speed; insulation temperature class; performance category; Yield; power factor; mass and type and amount of grease.

Meet all electric motor drive systems and their basic functions

When installing an electric motor is necessary that certain precautions are taken in relation to the devices that drive the electric motor and also for the protection devices that use. Ideally, all topics are analyzed so that the best electric motor model is chosen.

The systems that make the electric motor em3550 is in operation have the basic functions: to connect and disconnect the electric motor to the power supply; command and control the electric motor performance characteristics during their match and these features are speed, torque, power and current.

The simplest systems of the electric motor has simple keys that turn on and off the electric motor, but the more complex condition the electrical excitation energy so that you can achieve all the performance features that are expected by the electric motor.

Tight coupling of the electric motor and the shaft must be aligned

The life of the bearings and the mechanical efficiency is directly related to the form that is used to transmit the power that is provided by the electric motor. Ideally, the transmissions do not cause large loads to the bearings.

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Direct coupling can be rigid and elastic and has low cost, safety, absence of slip and how has no radial loads on the bearings, but it is necessary that the electric motor shaft is perfect and aligned with the axis of the driven machine way.

The rigid coupling requires that both the shaft of the electric motor and the machine shaft are aligned. If not, the result will be vibration and the effort is too large may cause a shaft rupture.

The electric motor alignment must be done with dial gauges to be placed in a semi glove for inspection radial and axial misalignment.

Learn more about the maintenance and mechanical losses of the electric induction motor

The electric induction motor tends to have a relatively long useful life when it is cared for. As it has a strong construction but simple, the electric motor only runs the risk of wearing just the bearings.

The electric induction motor TP793684S can operate at full load, but the ambient temperature in the electric induction motor is placed can not exceed forty degrees.

The service life of the bearings and insulation of electric induction motor is 20,000 hours. But one must keep in mind that like most applications the electric motor operating conditions are not extreme, the ode electric motor passes of 10 years without the need to change anything when the electric motor is lower power and up to 30 years when the electric motor is of greater power.

With a good preventive maintenance system, the trend is that the electric induction motor function without causing damage.